Game title Rating Size
Sex Game (19xx)(Softlake - Meastrosoft) 3,7 41.6KB
Back To The Future II (1990)(MCM Software)(Side B)[128K][re-release] 2,7 186.8KB
Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)[a] 4,6 37.7KB
Mario Bros (1987)(Ocean) 4,5 53.9KB
Gods Of War, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)[128K] 4,2 122.4KB
Duke Bluebeard's Castle (1985)(M.42 Software) 3,7 46.9KB
Drunk Policeman (1985)(Automata UK) 4,1 25.5KB
Drug Watch (1985)(Nottinghamshire Constabulary) 5,0 32.3KB
Earthbound (1984)(Central Solutions) 3,6 40.3KB
Druid II - Enlightenment (1986)(Firebird Software) 4,9 57.9KB
Duct, The (1988)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[48-128K] 1,3 46.0KB
Drive-In, The (1984)(Fantasy Software) 4,4 37.0KB
Draughts V2 (1983)(P. Macey) 4,9 31.7KB
Star Wars (1987)(Domark)[a2] 3,6 70.7KB
Drinker, The (1986)(Suzy Soft)(sr) 4,8 55.0KB
Druids Moon (1987)(Alternative Software) 1,1 40.6KB
Tortugas Ninja, Las (1991)(LOKOsoft)(ES) 4,5 25.8KB
WWF Wrestle Mania (1991)(Erbe Software)(Side B)[128K][re-release] 1,1 92.3KB
Popeye 2 (1991)(Alternative Software) 3,5 69.0KB
Vixen (1988)(Martech Games)(Side B)[a][48-128K] 5,0 57.7KB

What is ZX Spectrum Roms?

ZX Spectrum Roms is a library of video games in the ZX Spectrum computer. It was developed in 1981 and provided by Sinclair Research to customers who bought their products and hardware and also commercially licensed by other companies such as Amstrad.

ZX Spectrum Roms are the game files to run ZX Spectrum games. The best ZX Spectrum roms can be download for free at this site. Download the game file you like and play it on emulator.

Which ZX Spectrum roms games are most popular?

The most popular ZX spectrum games are Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

The best ZX Spectrum games are Battlecars, 3D Deathchase, Pssst (Gremlins), Knight Lore, Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

How to use ZX Spectrum Roms?

ZX Spectrum roms appear in .tap file extension. Download the game file in your computer and transfer it to emulator directory. go to emulator directory and open game folder->start game. It is that simple... good luck!

Which ZX Spectrum emulator to use to play the games?

There are many ZX Spectrum emulators available for android, linux and mac operating systems. But we recommend you choose Fuse emulator as the best one. Though other emulators like zx spin and zx spectrum 48k can also be used; but as far as once go with fuse, you will not need any other as it is very fast and works well on all platforms like windows xp/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit).

Platforms that support ZX Spectrum Roms

ZX Spectrum emulators are available on every platform. On Windows, Mac and Linux you can use fmsx.

On other platforms ZX Spectrum games can be played with emutos (iOs, Java), Spectaculator (Amiga) or jzxplay (Windows). These programs does not emulate the actual hardware but by running in a ZX Spectrum emulator they produce a correct 'Z80 machine code' that can then be run by an interpreter or compiled using a cross-compiler.

Where to download ZX Spectrum Roms?

At this site you can download free ZX Spectrum games for emulator. Just choose a rom of zx spectrum you like and download it on your pc or laptop hard drive. Then, follow the previous to play on emulator.


ZX Spectrum games are the best games ever created for ZX Spectrum platform. The company Sinclair Research produced an incredible number of unique, intriguing and challenging titles that appeared on ZX spectrum 48K machines. All these titles can be played using emulator according to their specifications. You can download free ZX spectrum roms from here -  romsify.com.

Hope you find this article helpful... thank you!


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