What is WonderSwan Roms

WonderSwan Roms is a term used for all WonderSwan ROMs, as well as the fan translations of those games not released outside Japan.

WonderSwan Roms are videogames for the WonderSwan, a handheld console created by Bandai Co., Ltd. The WonderSwan was only available in Japan and had games released from 1999 to 2003 until it's successor, the WonderSwan Color, replaced it.

Best WonderSwan Roms Games

Which WonderSwan Roms are the best? There's a lot to choose from. Here you have some of them:

How to use WonderSwan Roms

First of all I should say that there are 2 different ways you can use WonderSwan Roms:

Emulators - once installed on your computer (windows/mac/linux), you'll be able to start the emulator and play any ROMs you download; Flash cards - these are cartridges that can hold up to 32-128 ROMs (depending on their type) which will allow you to enjoy games without using emulators, very similar to how things worked with Nintendo 8-Bits.

WonderSwan emulators

There are many WonderSwan emulators for different platforms but the most famous are Mednafen (which you can download for free here ) or Cygne. I must say that using emulators is more practical than using Flashcards so I recommend starting with those.


In conclusion, WonderSwan Roms have been around for almost two decades and they're still being played by thousands of people from all over the world. It's a really good system that deserves our support, so go ahead and play your favorite games in HD or even better, create your own WonderSwan game if you're up to it!


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