What is Thomson MO5 Roms

The Thomson MO5 was a Thomson S.A.'s home computer released in 1984 and discontinued in 1990 within 7 years of its release. The name, which is an acronym for "My Own Personal Computer", replaced the original Thomson TO7 Plus model while the remainder of the market used it to regain market share at Atari and Commodore users after their 1983 releases were rushed and had design flaws.

Best Thomson MO5 Roms games

One of the best games that came in Thomson MO5 Roms is ' Zorro '. It was developed by Enrique Ruiz. This game is initially free but can be upgraded to include new levels and modes with paid access. The main protagonist in the story-based game is Zorro, a fox like character which helps 3 animals escape from captivity by an evil hunter. Once done, you will not only acquire the ability to perform combos but also double jumps, bounces on walls etc. If you are into adventure based games then this might just be what you have been looking for.

How to use Thomson MO5 Roms

The best way to play games on your Thomson MO5 is using an emulator. Some of the emulators are listed below, so you can directly download them from here and start playing some great old games! Remember that all downloads are free.

Thomson MO5 emulators

The best two emulators which I recommend are zxSpin and Stella. Both have their own unique features, so try them both out if you want an awesome Thomson MO5 gaming experience!

Platforms that support Thomson MO5 Roms

Both ZX Spin and Stella work fine with a number of platforms such as MS windows, Linux etc. The touch controls in ZX spin will help to have a better experience on your android device.

You may not see your desired emulator listed above because it hasn't been updated to run games on the latest operating systems, but you can still give them a try since most emulators are cross-compatible with different OS'. If one doesn't work though, move on to another and keep trying until you find the one that works. Good luck! :)


I hope that this article gave you a good idea about Thomson MO5 and how to use it. You can either continue using the old system or upgrade to a new one. Whatever you do, make sure that you have fun with your games!


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