Game title Rating Size
BIOS 4,2 130.1KB
Smash (19xx) 5,0 2.4KB
Marvel Adventure 1 - The Hulk (19xx) 5,0 165.3KB
007 - Dangereusement Votre (1985) 4,1 8.1KB
Zodiac Adventure (1983) 4,6 19.2KB
Quark Data Flight Simulator (19xx) 5,0 7.9KB
4 Games (1983) 4,9 6.3KB
Zorgon's Revenge (1983-84) 4,1 22.2KB
Aigle D'Or, Le (1984) 4,6 90.1KB
Warlord (1983) 4,5 14.2KB
House Of Death (1983) 4,9 15.3KB
Africa (19xx) 4,7 12.1KB
Delta Force 4 - Space Invaders (1983) 2,0 12.6KB
Agent 0013 (1983) 4,2 10.0KB
3D Fongus (1985) 4,5 102.0KB
Terminus (1984) 5,0 21.3KB
3D Editor By Loriciel (1984) 4,9 4.5KB
Frigate Commander (19xx) 4,4 10.2KB
Oric-Calc (1983) 4,8 8.9KB
Keys Of Kraal, The (19xx) 4,1 11.6KB

What is Tangerine Oric Roms?

Tangerine Oric Roms are the games I'm sure you all know.

They are mostly games that were made by big software companies, like Ocean Software.

There's Tangerine dream , wich is not available anymore. It was a French company which produced some of the best known games for the oric, including Jungle hunt, Alien invaders and Alleykat.I've searched the internet ,but nothing is known about this company .

Only one game by Tangerine dream was released for Amstrad CPC ,and the developer of it said they only made games for Oric at first ,then moved on to Amstrad CPC.This game is "Avenger"

Best Tangerine Oric Roms Games

There are a lot of Tangerine Oric games. I can't say there's one best 'cause everyone has their own opinion and it would be unfair to say that other Tangerine Oric games aren't as good as the others we already know.

But we could probably all agree that Alien invaders, Alleykat, Jungle hunt and Abracadabra are the best Tangerine Oric games.

These were probably some of the most popular Tangerine Oric games, so I think it's fair to say they are among the best ones.

The common thing about these games is that they were released for multiple platforms in their time. In fact many of them were even available on arcade cabinets too! So they're a perfect match to play on your classic Tangerine machine. All of these games can be found in the Tangerine Oric Roms collection.

Tangerine Oric emulators

Tangerine Oric emulators are the kinds of programs that let you play Tangerine Oric Roms on your PC , cellphone , tablet or anything else. Popular platforms include Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. It's also possible to enjoy the games via emulation of another system in our online arcade including emulated Amstrad CPC & Sega Genesis.

Platforms that support Tangerine Oric Roms

Kega Fusion works on all platforms , so you can use it on Windows , Linux or Mac . It's up to you which one of these platforms you choose.If you are looking for a Tangerine Oric emulator for your cellphone , you'll be glad to know that Kega Fusion can work on Windows Mobile, Symbian and even Palm OS.

For the old consoles ,there's RetroArch which works on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.

If you're looking for a Tangerine Oric emulator for Android devices, there's Handy which was specially designed to play Tangerine Oric games.

Last but not least ,there's Nestopia for Mac OS X .


As you can see , there are a lot of different ways to play Tangerine Oric games. You can emulate the game on your cellphone , Xbox360, PS3 or even your PC. Or if you have an Android device just download Handy and start playing the games that way! It's up to you which way you choose, there's something for everyone .


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