What is Sharp X68000 Roms?

Sharp X68000 Roms are games for the Sharp X68000. These roms can be played on a Sharp X68000 emulator or on a computer that has been modified to run this type of game.

The Sharp X68000 is an 8/16/32 bit home computer manufactured in Japan by Sharp Corporation, starting in 1987. It is Sharp's first computer model that used their new X68000 CPU, which employs a 32-bit architecture.

It is the only platform to use the 68000. Its core is not compatible with instruction set of other computers using 68008 or 68010 processors (for example the Apple II), but the graphics and sound standards were the same.

The computer is most noted for its arcade ports and excellent home conversions of games such as Strider, Street Fighter II CE, Sonic the Hedgehog, Snatcher and Halo: Combat Evolved. It also found use as a more expensive alternative to an IBM PC XT for business or personal use despite not being 100% IBM PC compatible (it lacks CGA/EGA compatibility, for example), due to its comparatively high performance and the ability to run native MS-DOS software in XM6 Pro DOS mode with no performance penalty.

The Sharp X68000 was released on October 29, 1987. The system featured bilingual Japanese and English modes of operation.

Best Sharp X68000 Roms Games

The best game for Sharp X68000 is probably the arcade port of Strider. Many other games are also available, including

There are a large number of games available for the Sharp X68000 as it was a very popular console in Japan. The following is just some notable games that you can play on this system, but there are many more to enjoy!

How to use Sharp X68000 Roms

In order to play Sharp X68000 Roms, you will need an emulator. There are many different emulators available for the Sharp X68000; this tutorial will use ZamjeroX-Sharp .

  1. Download and install "ZamjeroX-Sharp" (if needed)
  2. Download and unzip the Sharp X68000 Roms
  3. Start ZamjeroX-Sharp
  4. Select Sharp X68000 Roms Folder
  5. Select the game you want to play 
  6. Enjoy!

Sharp X68000 emulators

There are many different emulators available for the Sharp X68000, which you can find on this page .

The emulator chosen in this tutorial is ZamjeroX-Sharp. This emulator allows users to play games easily without any configuration.

Note that some ROMs are not compatible with the emulator. You will need to find another ROM if this occurs.

Platforms that support Sharp X68000 Roms

The Sharp X68000 emulator can be used on all Windows Operating Systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It can also be used on Android devices. 

It can also be used on Mac OS X and Linux. However, these are not recommended due to compatibility issues with certain games.


I hope this article was useful. I tried to keep the article as non-technical as possible, so new people can learn about Sharp X68000 Roms without being confused too much.

Happy gaming! :)


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