Game title Rating Size
Alex Kidd In Miracle World 4,0 87.8KB
Sonic The Hedgehog 3,8 129.5KB
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 4,3 114.4KB
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 4,3 208.2KB
Street Fighter 2 3,2 345.4KB
Mortal Kombat 2 4,6 358.2KB
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II 4,6 133.8KB
Golden Axe 3,9 217.7KB
Sonic Chaos 4,4 178.7KB
Alex Kidd In Shinobi World 4,1 108.9KB
Mortal Kombat 3 2,9 223.2KB
Bonanza Bros 2,9 87.7KB
Mortal Kombat 2,6 349.8KB
California Games 3,6 170.7KB
Aladdin 4,7 249.2KB
Altered Beast 4,0 119.5KB
Ferias Frustradas Do Picapau 3,3 108.9KB
Alex Kidd In High Tech World 5,0 125.8KB
Wonder Boy 4,0 91.1KB
Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game 5,0 213.3KB

What is Sega Master System?

Sega Master System was created by Sega in 1985 as an 8-bit home game console. It was originally released as the Sega Mark III in Japan, and then redesigned and renamed to "Master System" for worldwide release. The first consoles of the series were manufactured in Taiwan, with later consoles manufactured by the Japanese company Hitachi.

What is Sega Master System Roms?

Sega Master System Roms are files that can be downloaded and played on a compatible emulator or flashed directly to an SD card for use in emulators such as the Master Everdrive (a Sega Master System flash cartridge). They require Sega Master System BIOS before they can be used.

Best Sega Master System Roms Games

As far as Sega Master Systems games go, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 were both considered some of the best games for this console.

However, there were many other great titles that complimented these two.

Some of the most popular Sega Master System games include Alex Kidd in Miracle World , Psycho Fox , Phantasy Star , Fantasy Zone II : The Tears of Opa-Opa , Out Runners , Space Harrier II .

How to use Sega Master System Roms

If you are interested in playing games for this console on your PC or mobile, there is a selection of emulators that can be used to play the games. These include Gems Retro Emulator and Kega Fusion . These tools offer gamers with an easy way of playing older games, with many available titles all together in one place.

Sega master system roms come in .BIN/.CUE and MDS/MDF file formats and you need to load them into a sega master system emulator like: SSF, KEGA FUSION, GG SOLDER , SMS Plus GX, MASTER SYSTEM EMULATOR ON WINDOWS PC, MEGASTEAM or MULTIGEAR.

Platforms that support Sega Master System Roms

Currently there are no known Sega master system roms for Pc, Xbox, Ps3 or Wii.

You can download Sega master system roms on your android phone using an emulator called c64oid.

Sega Master System emulators for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX are also available online for free download. There are even mobile versions available for download where you can plug in a USB controller and run sega master system roms directly from your mobile device via OTG cable or bluetooth connection with nothing more than just initial setup of that controller configuration within the app settings menu.

Sega Master System emulator for Windows

There are currently 2 Sega Master System emulators available on the internet.

The first is called SMS Plus GX which can be downloaded here . The second is called KEGA Fusion 3.64 which can be downloaded here . There are also other sega master system emulators available to download but not many that run games accurately and require bios files unlike these two so stick with what you know works best before trying out others unless you have a spare bios file ready to go in case it bricks your build during testing resulting in hours of wasted time setting up again only to brick again so test carefully.

Sega Master System emulator for Android

C64oid Sega Master System emulator is available on the play store and can be used to run Sega master system roms on android devices such as mobile phones or tablets. You can download this app from their website or through the Google Play Store free of charge. This emulator requires you to configure your controller in order to work if you do not already have a controller configured for other emulators like: mame, genesis plus all, nesoid etc.

Sega Master System emulator for Mac

There are currently 2 sega master system emulators available for Mac OSX computers at the time of writing this article which include: SMSplusgx emulator and Kega fusion emulator which both require bios files before they will run any Sega master system roms.


As you can see there are many different emulators available online to run Sega master system roms. They also come in various file formats so, if you want to play Sega Master System games on your PC or mobile device, just research which emulator is required for that particular format and then download the emulator in question to begin playing Sega master system roms today!


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