What is Robotron Z1013 Roms?

 Robotron Z1013 is a popular arcade game. It was developed by Williams Electronics and released in arcades in 1982. Robotron 2084 is the sequel to Robotron: 2084, which itself was an upgrade of the earlier "Blip." The objective of both games is identical to its predecessors, with players controlling a character whose task is to destroy an army of droids with a single life. The game makes use of two joysticks; one moves the character around while the other controls the direction that shots are fired.

The Z1013 is a robot controller consisting of two parts. One, the "slave" unit, fits into the socket on the Robotron unit; it receives data from the master unit and relays signals to it. The other half of Z1013 is plugged into an AC outlet. These signals control track speed (0-15 mph forward or reverse), direction (forward or reverse), and beam position (up or down). The AC power supply provides electrical power for motors only; the slave portion has its own batteries that operate motors when main AC power fails during games.

Best Robotron Z1013 roms games

Robotron Z1013 Games are all about quick thinking and even quicker moving. You have to show restraint, strategy, patience, determination, everything that makes a Robotron worth playing.

There are two games in the series for this system. Both of them are excellent arcade conversions with very little change from the original game. The graphics are colorful and well defined on screen for each game.

The sound effects are spot on with what you would expect to hear in the arcade version of the game. Each shot hit gives off its own unique audio effect while sounds can be heard when you kill an enemy or complete a level. There's no background music but it's not needed for this type of game.

How to use Robotron Z1013 Roms

To play these games, the ROM files must be copied off of your local storage device and into a folder that is recognized by your particular emulator. This process is highly dependent on the software you are using for emulation; please consult your shared or primary documentation for assistance with locating/extracting/copying ROMs from specific devices. Please note that most emulators have preloaded settings designed to simplify this process. Please experiment with those options first before asking questions related to general ROM management. Some emulators allow users to create custom folders for storing ROMs. If you've found some Robotron Z1013 Roms, please copy them into the "rom" folder of your emulator.

Robotron Z1013 emulators

There are multiple Robotron Z1013 Emulators on the internet, but most of them are not updated frequently and no longer work with newer devices. Here we provide you an up-to-date list of best Roboton Z1013 Emulators:

Platforms that support Robotron Z1013 Roms

Robotron Z1013 Roms is supported by multiple platforms and operating systems. However, it can be challenging to manually configure your system for each emulator; please refer to the official developer website or online forums for detailed information regarding platform configurations. Some of these emulators can be configured using "rom paths" which makes transferring Robotron Z1013 Roms simple (and even allows support for ZIP files).


Robotron Z1013 Roms are an excellent arcade game that has stood the test of time. Though the game only consists of wave after wave of enemy robots, there is much more to it than it would seem at first glance. The name might not be quite as catchy as Defender or Stargate, but Robotron definitely deserves a place in the classic arcade hall of fame.

Robotron Z1013 Roms are the one of best games in the world you never play. Give them a chance and you wont be disappointed.


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