Game title Rating Size
Tekken 4 3,8 1.8GB
Dragon Ball Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 4,1 1.3GB
Ra.One - The Game 3,6 232.8MB
PES 2013 - Pro Evolution Soccer 4,2 1.6GB
God Hand 4,1 1.0GB
Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja 5 4,1 1.5GB
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 - New Age Of Heroes 4,1 143.5MB
Dragon Ball Z - Budokai 3 4,1 850.4MB
Bully 3,8 2.0GB
Shadow Of The Colossus 4,3 702.6MB
Tekken Tag Tournament 3,9 57.7MB
Kingdom Hearts 4,9 1.9GB
Black 4,1 1.0GB
Rumble Racing 3,1 320.0MB
Simpsons, The - Hit & Run 4,5 661.4MB
Super Dragon Ball Z 3,9 248.3MB
Mortal Kombat - Armageddon - Premium Edition 3,9 2.0GB
Downhill Domination 3,6 692.2MB
Rayman 2 - Revolution 4,2 1.1GB
Grand Theft Auto III 4,2 1.0GB

What is PS2 Roms: Playstation 2 roms

Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) was a popular and one of the most successful gaming platforms for nearly 10 years, before it was finally discontinued in 2012. PS2 gained even more fame as it also served as an excellent media center with the help of Playstation 2's built-in support for multimedia playback. As a result, PS2 games used to be very popular among gamers as well as among software pirates - who wanted to make backups of their Playstation 2 games or simply play all those Playstation 2 titles without actually owning a Playstation 2 console. There are still many people interested in Playstation 2 roms that can be downloaded from

Best Playstation 2 Roms Games

There were over 1,850 Playstation 2 games in total, so it is very difficult to decide which were the best Playstation 2 titles. There are many Playstation 2 roms that were considered as some of the best Playstation 2 games, but these include GTA San Andreas, Ico and Shadow of Colossus, Ratchet and Clank: a Crack in Time and The Warriors. It would be difficult to find any gamer who has not heard about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 either.

How to use PS2 Roms: Playstation 2 roms

There are different ways how one can play Playstation 2 games today. Many websites offer Playstation 2 iso downloads for such purposes. One can also download Playstation 2 emulator software and Playstation 2 roms that can be used with Playstation 2 emulators.

Playstation 2 emulator for Windows

There are two Playstation 2 emulators available for the Windows operating system. One of them is called ePSXe and it can be used to run Playstation 1 roms as well, not just Playstation 2 games. To use Playstation 2 emulators like ePSXe, one needs Playstation BIOS files - these are required by Playstation emulators in general. While you can download Playstation Bios free from

Playstation 2 emulator for Android

One of the Playstation 2 emulators available for Android operating system is called ePSXe for Android and it can run Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 games on various android devices.

Playstation 2 emulator for Mac

Mac computers are able to run Playstation ROMs with PS2emu. It was the only PS2 emulator available at least until recently, but it is still very popular among fans of Playstation titles. Playstation 2 emulator for Mac is free to download from

Playstation 2 emulator for Linux

Linux Playstation 2 emulators are available, but they are not so popular among gamers due to the fact that Playstation 3 emulation is generally better on Linux than Playstation 2 emulation. However, some people still prefer Playstation 2 roms over Playstation 3 games despite this issue. One of the best Playstation 2 linux emulators is PCSX2 . It can run most PS2 titles out there and it costs $0 per copy , but one cannot use Playstation BIOS files with it (so if you want to play your favorite PS2 game without actually owning a Playstation console - you will need Playstation BIOS files ).


Playstation 2 roms are still popular among gamers, so Playstation 2 emulator software is still important for Playstation fans. One can play Playstation 2 games without having Playstation 2 console by using Playstation 2 emulators like ePSXe or PS2emu. offer Playstation BIOS files that you need to use Playstation emulators in general (including Playstation 2 emulator PCSX2), Nintendo 64 games and much more gaming related content. You can find .ISO downloads of popular PlayStation titles.


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