Game title Rating Size
Pokemon Platinum Version (US) 4,7 21.8MB
Mario Kart DS 4,3 13.1MB
Pokemon - Black Version 2 (frieNDS) 4,5 77.7MB
New Super Mario Bros. (Psyfer) 4,3 10.5MB
Pokemon - White 2 (Patched-and-EXP-Fixed) 4,3 380.0B
Pokemon - Black 2 (Patched-and-EXP-Fixed) 4,1 379.0B
Super Mario 64 DS 4,4 9.3MB
Pokemon - White Version 2 (frieNDS) 4,7 77.4MB
Pokemon Black White 2[friends] ROM 4,1 350.0B
Pokemon Pearl 4,6 14.5MB
Pokemon - Platinum Version (v01) 4,4 48.5MB
Pokemon - Black 2 (v01) 4,3 455.0B
Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors 2 4,1 31.7MB
Pokemon - White 2 (v01) 3,8 443.0B
Super Mario 64 DS 4,4 9.8MB
Pokemon Black 2 (US) (frieNDS) 3,8 77.7MB
Legend Of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass, The 4,6 35.6MB
Pokemon - Edicion Platino (ES) 3,8 21.8MB
Animal Crossing - Wild World 4,6 23.1MB
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers Of Sky (US) 4,8 29.8MB

What is Nintendo DS Roms

Nintendo DS Roms are games published by Nintendo for its consoles in different platforms. The Nintendo DS is the latest console system by Nintendo and Roms for this console allow playing games on PC, Mac, Linux using emulators. You can download a wide range of Nintendo DS roms from

Best Nintendo DS Roms Games

Here is a list of some popular Nintendo DS games:

Download nds roms from here . We have been running for over 2 years, so you can be sure that you will get original files. 

How to use Nintendo DS Roms

Nintendo DS Roms can be played in several ways:

Once the NDS rom is downloaded through any of these methods, you will be able to play it in your respective emulator like any other game! It's that easy!

Nintendo DS emulators for Windows

Check out this list of best Nintendo DS emulators for your PC: 

Nintendo DS emulator for Android

These are some of the best Nintendo DS emulators you can download on your android smartphone or tablet to play Nintendo DS games without any lag: 

Nintendo DS emulator for Mac

NDS Emulator - Nintendo DS emulator for macOS 10.12 Sierra with game guide support . It is a fast Nintendo dual screen (two screen) emulator with frame skip feature to increase game performance. You can use this emulator on your older macOS versions too like Snow leopard, Mountain lion etc. 

Nintendo DS emulator for Linux

Nintendo DS Roms are one of the best NDS games available for free download on various websites across the internet, mainly in ROM format (.nds or .zip). 

To play these NDS roms you need a Nintendo DS emulator installed in your computer, mobile or tablet device. nds4ios is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for iOS platform without jailbreak requirement. It's based on DeSmuME unofficial v0.9.11 code by "Yakitux" and it's the only DS emulator that supports iPhone 5/5s/5c. The app is currently not available for download because of some issues with GPL stuff but you can get its .deb file easily from here.

The Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console produced by Nintendo. It is the successor to the Nintendo DS. NDS4iOS is one of the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for iOS without jailbreak requirement. You can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device in place of a Nintendo DS or 3DS handheld game system. The emulator lets you play Nintendo games in HD resolutions which are impossible on regular game systems, thanks to NDS4iOS support for iOS 9-9.2 devices like iPhone and iPad.


The Nintendo DS was a great handheld video game console, and its legacy still lives on in the Nintendo 3DS. If you don't already own a Nintendo DS (original or XL) or a NDS4iOS compatible device, we recommend getting one of our options above. You can start playing all your favorite Nintendo DS games again with Nintendo emulators!


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