Game title Rating Size
Uni-bios 4,0 44.2KB
Snowbros 3,5 282.9KB
Kof2002 3,7 76.6MB
Mslug 4,1 12.3MB
Doubledr 4,4 9.0MB
Mslug2 4,1 16.4MB
Kof98 3,9 37.7MB
1941 4,8 1.3MB
Mslug3 3,8 76.2MB
Kof97 3,9 26.9MB
Mslug5 4,0 76.1MB
3wonders 4,4 2.3MB
Neogeo 4,5 54.5KB
Dino 4,6 3.8MB
Ffight 4,5 1.3MB
Captcomm 4,3 2.4MB
Sf2 4,9 3.3MB
Kof2001 4,1 76.2MB
Aof 5,0 6.2MB
1941j 5,0 194.0KB

What is Neo Geo Roms

Neo Geo roms are games for Neo Geo arcade cabinets. They are usually made up of random bytes and they vary depending on which Neo Geo Roms you are using. However, ROMs have existed long before the first Neo Geo home console was released by SNK in 1990, as some computers already had them at that time. For example, some computer systems used ROM cartridges to store each game on a single chip that is permanently embedded into the cartridge's casing (e.g., Atari 2600 cartridges).

Neo Geo Roms games

The Neo Geo ROMs is an arcade game system developed by SNK. The first model of the game was released in 1990, and it contains 20 different games, while some other models (such as Mega Memory) contain up to 98 additional games on top of the original set that comes with the machine.

Here is a list of some of the most popular Neo Geo Roms games:

The Neo Geo emulators are not really easy to find out there on the internet. There are some great consoles that emulate this Arcade machine in an excellent way, but these are usually very heavy and slow, sometimes demanding too much processing power from the computers or other devices where they run. This is why you should always check if your device can support one of these types of emulators before actually beginning with their installation process, because it might be a waste of time if your system cannot handle them properly later on.

Neo Geo emulators

There are many Neo Geo emulators to download. Studying their features and trying them out so as to find the best one might be a tough task, but it will definitely pay off if you manage to do this properly. For example, you can find Neo Geo emulators that support cheat codes , online multiplayer game features and others that offer customizable controls. The latter is especially useful if you want to play these types of games with a gamepad or joystick for added comfort.

Platforms that support Neo Geo Roms

The first platform that supported Neo Geo roms was the MAME arcade emulator. There are currently Neo Geo emulators for Windows, Android, Mac and Linux.

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