Game title Rating Size
Resident Evil Gaiden 3,9 0.0B
Donkey Kong Country 3,8 1.2MB
Pokemon Pinball 4,4 310.2KB
Mega Man Xtreme 3,9 494.5KB
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories 4,1 1.6MB
Pokemon Pinball 3,4 413.8KB
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (M13) 4,2 2.6MB
007 - The World Is Not Enough 3,7 546.6KB
Dragon Warrior III 3,7 1.9MB
Mega Man Xtreme 2 4,1 529.3KB
Grand Theft Auto 3,9 1.4MB
Mortal Kombat 4 3,9 293.8KB
Legend Of Zelda, The - Oracle Of Seasons 3,7 659.3KB
Mario Tennis 3,6 782.8KB
Legend Of Zelda, The - Oracle Of Ages 3,7 1.0MB
Shantae 3,9 1.2MB
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge 4,1 792.0KB
Resident Evil Gaiden 3,7 575.5KB
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets 4,0 2.7MB
Harvest Moon 3 GBC 3,7 623.0KB

What is Gameboy Color Roms

Gameboy Color Roms is a line of handheld video game consoles by Nintendo, which was released in the year 1998 as a minor upgrade of Gameboy. It was discontinued in 2003. A small number of games have been built specifically for the Gameboy color platform and is typically poorly emulated with no graphics enhancement. Some sites may display this small number of games as "over 9000", but most sites list them under "2000" (the year the Gameboy color was released). The original Gameboy has over 1400 game titles, which makes it easy to notice when a site is falsely inflating their numbers.

Best Gameboy Color games for kids

This is a subjective list of best Gameboy Color games for kids.

Platforms that support Gameboy Color Roms

Here is a list of some platforms that support Gameboy Color Roms, which you can play on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X:

Gameboy - Emulators:


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