What is Commodore VIC20 Roms?

The Commodore VIC 20 was equipped with the same processor as in PET model and version of BASIC. However, its MOS Technology made it very popular among early 80s users who could buy this computer for under $200 USD at time when digital watches cost more than people do now! The name "Visceral" refers both to its popularity then (it's hard not to) but also has basis on what lies underneath: storage capacity is 5 KB RAM + 15 KB ROM.
The Commodore VIC 20 is a classic 80s home computer that was originally sold in Japan with the special character set “katakana”. It later appeared Europe and had success similar to what you would find from its peripherals or software designed for this model, such as Commodore VIC 20 Roms where they offer free downloads of some awesome games!

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