what is Amstrad CPC Roms?

Amstrad CPC games are games for the Amstrad home computer range, which was produced by Amstrad between 1984 and 1990. 

These games can be downloaded and enjoyed on your PC by using an emulator such as WinAPE .

This emulator emulates the Amstrad CPC hardware and will launch software from standard ROM images or "Dos Disks".

Not all games are compatible with every version of Amstrad CPC emulation software. 

how to play Amstrad CPC Roms games

To play games for Amstrad CPC, you will first need to download an emulator such as WinAPE , which is free and open source. 

Once downloaded and installed, run WinAPE and choose File > Open ROM from the menu bar. 

Locate the games file (typically a .zip or .dsk image) and click on it to load it into the emulator. Alternatively if games files already exist on your computer you can simply double click them to start playing. If games were created using a disk-writing program such as "Dos Pro" then they may be loaded straight onto your PC by clicking on them and choosing "Write D64 Image". Once games have been loaded, press F12 to save state or F9 to load state. You can set keyboard shortcuts for these options under "Configure Key" from the WinAPE menu bar.

Game controls depend on what games you are playing, however many games will require a joystick plugged into PC port two which is usually designated as the "CPC Joystick". Once games have been loaded and saved, games can be saved as well by going to "File > Save state" and games will be automatically loaded next time you play them.


What games are availible?
Where can I download games?